Bahari Mohair Scarf - Limited Edition

One Size

Only 3 pieces in stock!

Our Bahari mohair scarf’s journey begins in the Eastern Cape. Globally acknowledged as one of the finest natural fibres available, this scarf is made with the highest-quality mohair made from Angora goats in South Africa.

Revered as the ’noble fiber’, the beauty of mohair is that it is a renewable and sustainable resource renowned for it’s warmth, durability and lustre. Every detail of this mohair  scarf is meticulously attended to, knitted on a flatbed knitting machine, the tassels are thoughtfully placed by skilled hands.

The scarf then undergoes a dip-dying process, resulting in a seamless gradient of rich, indigo hues - a nod to the time-honoured West-African Indigo dyeing tradition. A final touch of artistry comes with a delicate hand brushing, imparting the exquisite fluffiness that makes this scarf so cozy. Envelope yourself in this Indigo cocoon that tells a tale of heritage, craftmanship and nature.

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