Business romance

When you start a love story, everything smells like roses and tastes like fun. We fell in love with our business 4 years ago. That was the start of what would soon become a long lasting romance. We were so madly and crazy in love that we moved into a multi flawed apartment of 30m2 and saw in it only charms. No running water, rat parties at night in the garbage corner, and electricity cuts every evening. We prepared dinner on an electric cooker that would always stop 3min after we threw spaghettis. Oh yes, we were so in love that eating raw pasta was the best spaghetti “al dente” ever cooked. Yes, falling in love can be hard to remember.

 At some point that perfect pasta will starts tasting like raw uneatable spaghettis. That is when you have to face one of the hardest truths of love. No, you had not found perfection, you were blind to imperfection.  How do you keep on going after reality smashes you in the face like that? If you are lucky, already at that point you will be looking forward to a wide collection of dreams that feel beautiful and ambitious. Looking back won’t be painful but a sweet nostalgic memory.

Very often, we like to remember that flawed apartment in the middle of Kigali, we have a sharp memory of its smell, the sun coming in through the windows of a third floor and the bathroom painted half pink because we had no more paint left. Luckily, your brain tends to remember more vividly the good things so that you can keep moving when the bad ones come. Just like a love story, you wake up every morning to fight for something you believe in. Somehow, you will always manage to find new “al dente” pastas to fall in love with.