African Jacquard x mille collines

What is time but threads in the web of life. After a year of design, sampling, and of course weaving, the Halisi Shawl is finally here.

This collaboration has been in the pipeline for a while, we’ve come to think of it as a true weaving journey, this is the first product we’re launching since Covid lockdown in South Africa in 2020.

The Halisi shawl is a rich and elegant textile that celebrates craftsmanship, traditional weaving techniques and of course, beauty. ‘Halisi’ means Authentic in Swahili, we chose this name because we believe that what makes you beautiful is your authenticity, all the elements that make you, you.

Founded by Christine Daron, African Jacquard is a Cape Town based brand that experiments with industrial jacquard looms to create beautiful textiles made from the finest cotton and linen yarns.

We have all taken turns in our studio to drape it in different ways, the golden hue of the linen woven with the black cotton has created the perfect statement textile to wrap around yourself or decorate a corner of your home.

We can’t wait to see how you style yours!

African Jacquard x mille collines