Kichana Wrap - Sand Linen

One Size
Color: Sand Linen

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The Kichana Wrap in the Sand and Linen colorway is a knitted women’s wrap/scarf. It is perfect for every season, especially when there’s a chill in the air. The Kichana features an armhole on one side for ease of wear. Enjoy your chilly nights bundled up in soft cotton.

 This knitted women’s wrap/scarf in Sand and Ecru features a signature jacquard print inspired by the traditional Mali mud cloth textile and is a perfect fit for travelling, social outings, formal dinners or just a cosy night at home.

This item will definitely become one of your wardrobe essentials.

Due to the handmade nature of the jacquard design, the print may vary on the wraps.

The Kichana wrap is knitted in Cape Town and comes in One Size (OS).

Please follow the guide below to determine your own measurements:

Please follow the guide below to determine your own measurements: 

7 ways to style your Kichana

The Hug
The Tunic
The Scarf
The Head Scarf
The Knot
The Wrap Around
The Throw

100% Produced in South Africa

Our current Kichana collection draws its inspiration from the West African Mali Mud Cloth. "The Kichana wrap is machine knitted using 100% cotton yarn that is produced in South Africa."

Step 1: Cotton

Our Kichana wraps are made from 100% cotton yarn cultivated in South Africa.

Step 2: Yarn

The yarn is sourced from a cotton spinning mill in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

Step 3: Dyeing

The yarn is dyed in Worcester by one of the only cotton dyers in the Western Cape. 

This process is effluent friendly, which means they make sure not to pollute the water afterwards with the dyes.

Step 4: Knitting

Our Kichana wraps are knitted on electronic knitting machines, they are made in a 10 Gauge knit.

Gauge is the looseness or the tightness of a knitted fabric.

Common Questions

  • The Kichana wrap is made of 100% cotton yarn. The yarn is produced and sourced in South Africa, it is then machine knitted by our partner makers R&R Knitwear in Cape Town.

  • The Kichana wrap can be machine washed separately, on a light/gentle spin, at 30 degrees Celsius maximum. When wet, pull back into shape and air dry.

    If you have any doubts about this process, we recommend dry cleaning this garment.

  • The Kichana wrap is made to fit women of all shapes and sizes, it can be wrapped around you and styled in several different ways, so it will definitely fit petite women.

  • The armhole in the wrap is 25cm/ 9.8 inches wide, one of the creative ways of styling this piece is by putting your head through the armhole and wearing it as a poncho (if your head fits :-) )

  • The Kichana wrap is made for women of all shapes and sizes, it is One Size and measures 225cm long and 50cm wide / 88.5inches long and 19.6inches wide.

  • Not at the moment, but we are constantly exploring new designs and we have received this request from many so we are definitely considering this.

  • Please email us at

  • We do have selected retailers in the US. Should you want the list please email and our team will happily assist. 

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