Mnili Coat - Limited Edition - Preorder End May

One Size

Only 3 pieces in stock!

The Mnili Coat is a captivating fusion of West African traditions and modern knitting techniques. In Swahili “Mnili” is the name for the Indigo plant used in the West African tie dye technique, paying homage to one of Africa’s oldest crafts.

The Mnili coat is the perfect statement piece that comes with a story. We meticulously experimented with a knitting technique that created this unique pixel tie dye effect, simulating the time-honoured tradition of indigo dyeing.

Crafted from 100% cotton from the Eastern Cape and knitted in Cape Town, its heavy weight brings comfort and warmth.

Our unisex and One Size (OS) coat is perfect for those days or evenings when you want an elegant second layer. Encapsulate the spirit of African traditional textile art with our limited edition Mnili coat.

Please follow the guide below to determine your own measurements:

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